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Smart lighting for better energy efficiency

Ready to switch to an optimized and centralized lighting management system? Discover our advanced solutions and enjoy cost-efficient smart lighting in your building!

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    What do the advanced solutions provide?

    Our advanced solutions give you the opportunity to enjoy a custom smart lighting plan designed for your spaces. We will program your lights so they fit your needs and allow you to reduce your energy costs considerably. This configuration will also allow you to control your lights remotely!

    Using your smart devices, you can configure your lights from anywhere, and turn them on or off from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Plus, enjoy adaptable lights: as day turns to night and the daylight changes, so does your indoor lighting.

    That means you can enjoy warm, bright lights at night or on cloudy days, and softer light when it’s brighter outside. Plus, you can set the ambiance for each room yourself and change it as you please!

    Choose ergonomic smart lighting

    Ready to turn your place into a smart home? Take advantage of our expertise to ensure an efficient and ergonomic lighting setup in your home, business, building or industry!


    Sustainable and cost-effective lighting solutions for a better return on investment

    Looking to reduce your energy costs and your environment impact? Home automation is constantly evolving and we now have many beneficial options to help us reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint. Let us find the right automated lighting solutions for your spaces!

    Depending on your needs, we can suggest different products and solutions such as lights with motion sensors, smart bulbs (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth bulbs) and adaptive lighting. By switching to smart lights, you’ll enjoy many advantages:


    B-Lite Solutions: For an eco-friendly smart setup

    B-Lite Solutions boasts over 30 years of experience in the lighting industry. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to design a high-performing and cost-effective smart lighting solution for your home, business, industry or store. Plus, our solutions are made to last! By choosing our lighting control services, you’ll enjoy a profitable return on investment over the long term.

    Finally, energy efficiency and preserving our environment are at the core of our values. Designed to reduce energy costs and ensure sustainability, our smart lighting solutions allow you to obtain LEED v4 certification for your eco-friendly building.

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