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LED lights

As an LED lights distributor, we offer a comprehensive selection of LED lights of all levels of intensity, colour temperatures, and sizes!

LED High Bay lights

We offer a wide variety of LED High Bay lights that will provide you with a powerful and long-lasting lighting for your commercial and industrial buildings.

LED bulbs

Effective, cost-saving, and suitable for almost all lights and lamps, discover a wide range of LED bulbs for residential lighting or any other use.

Fluorescent lights

Perfect for commercial lighting purposes, fluorescent lights can also replace your old ceiling lights as a cost-effective and sustainable measure.

Ballasts and LED drivers

Need ballasts or drivers for your lamps and lights? These power adapters can easily be integrated to your lights and lamps.

Fluorescent bulbs

You can replace your fluorescent tube lights or fixtures of the same shape and size with fluorescent bulbs that will reduce your energy costs as well as increase your lights’ lifespan.


Perfect for industrial outdoor lighting, indoor lighting for large spaces, or public lighting, our selection of high-intensity discharge bulbs are suitable for different uses.

Incandescent bulbs

Our incandescent bulbs are warm and versatile, and can be installed into any of your light fixtures if you prefer more traditional bulbs!

Halogen bulbs

An alternative to incandescent bulbs, halogen lights can replace traditional bulbs, and they offer greater resistance and sustainability!

Emergency lighting

Equip your buildings with regulation lighting in case of a power outage. Check out our emergency lights for hallways, exits and stairwells.


To enhance your commercial, residential and industrial lighting equipment, we offer a wide variety of lighting hardware.


Need batteries for your devices? Whether you use motion detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, emergency lights, remote controls, or other types of apparatus, you’ll find all the batteries you need at a worthwhile price.

BL Solutions: A sustainable and cost-effective choice

By choosing our residential, commercial and industrial lighting, you’ll enjoy a vast selection as well as a guarantee of sustainability! Read more about our commitment and our values to find out what makes BL Solutions unique.

Plus, thanks to our large network of partners and manufacturers, you’ll enjoy great prices on all our equipment.

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