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Emergency and safety lights for buildings

A mandatory feature in many private and public buildings, emergency lights are essential to ensure safe evacuations. Check out our selection of lights that allow you to safeguard your buildings according to regulations.

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An essential element in most buildings, emergency lights are light fixtures with an alternative light source that’s usually battery operated. This allows them to turn on automatically if there’s a power outage. That way, they safeguard your building by providing basic lighting in case of an evacuation.

On top of highlighting the emergency exits for the building’s occupants, they’re also essential for locating other safety equipment in the room or in the hallways. Our emergency lighting options include:

  • Emergency exit signs.
  • Emergency lamps in stairwells and hallways.

In addition, all our products adhere to the emergency lighting standards outlined by the Building Code, as well as to the regulations applicable to other kinds of buildings.

Our emergency lights can be shipped anywhere in Canada! Please note that shipping fees will be added to the order. If you’d like to make a return, you can do so within 15 days after delivery. The product must be returned in its packaging and proof of payment must be included.

Our safety lights are covered by the manufacturers’ warranties. In case of any defects, please contact our customer service to notify us of the issue. We will take the necessary steps to submit a claim on your behalf for a replacement or a reimbursement.

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