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incandescent light bulbs are timeless, and always a safe choice for any lamp or location. Choose from our comprehensive selection of various incandescent lights!

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From batteries and HID lamps to incandescent light bulbs, not to mention LED technology and light fixtures, we have a wide variety of lighting material for all needs.

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We carefully select our lighting products to ensure you can reduce your energy costs. We prioritize sustainable lighting above all.

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BL Solutions is proud of its 30+ years of experience in the field of lighting. Thanks to our comprehensive selection of equipment and our seasoned team of experts, we’re happy to shed light on your projects to ensure elegance, utility and energy savings!

All of our incandescent lighting products are selected with care to guarantee sustainable and cost-effective use. Need help choosing a product? Contact us to discuss your needs. We will assist you in your research and help you find the best solution for lighting your commercial, industrial or residential spaces.


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We know that when it comes to lighting, there’s a multitude of solutions. The best one is the one that perfectly suits your needs! That’s why we offer a comprehensive and varied selection of lighting products.


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BL Solutions is a company that’s committed to the environment. That’s why we mainly offer products that are energy efficient and eco-friendly!

For a long time, incandescent lights were everyone’s preferred product, as they provided warm lighting wherever they were used. While they don’t last as long as CFL bulbs, they don’t contain any toxic or dangerous substances! Thanks to a continuous luminous flux, it projects nice lighting that’s easy on the eyes.

The benefit of traditional incandescent bulbs is that they’re available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. That means they can be used in most lamps. They don’t last as long as other types of bulbs – usually around 1,000 hours – but they’re more affordable than other lighting equipment!

Plus, as evidenced from their name, incandescent lights emit warmth. That means they have the added benefit of warming the room during winter, but it isn’t as desirable in the summer. Our incandescent lights are energy efficient; rest assured that all our lamps comply with energy efficiency regulations.

We ship our incandescent lights all across the country for a fee. Please note that we accept returns within 15 days after delivery of the product. Contact us for more information on our return policy.

All our products come with the manufacturer’s warranty. In case of any defects, please contact our customer service to explain the issue. We will take the necessary steps to contact the manufacturer and resolve your situation.

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