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    What are lighting retrofits?

    Lighting retrofits involve taking the existing setup and replacing the lamps, bulbs and lights with modern and energy-efficient lighting products. Without undergoing a complete renovation, you’ll benefit from better lighting and a solution customized to your current spaces and structure.

    When we modernize a lighting setup, we provide you with a complete audit of the costs and advantages resulting from the renovation. That way, you can assess your annual energy savings as well as the lower environmental impact of your new setup.

    At B-lite Solutions, we pride ourselves on proposing the “right” rather than the easiest solution. Choosing the proper lighting retrofit involves evaluating your current lighting conditions, existing fixtures, needs, and available technology. 

    Nowadays, with the assistance of a variety of hardware, you can optimize your lighting system’s effectiveness and get the best possible results to take your lighting to the next level. At Brilliant Lighting Solution, we work with you to source highly specialized products that will improve the lighting quality in your space.

    Retrofitting lighting isn’t only about energy savings. It is also about ensuring a proper lighting application. Depending on the type of activity performed in a given space, or its layout, the lighting application can significantly impact the effectiveness of operations or the appeal of the decor.

    B-Light Solution Services Breakdown

    There are a significant number of issues that could be found in many different locations that are concerned with lighting. However, thanks to your support and recommendations, we have a better understanding of your issues and requirements. 

    We have established Brilliant lighting solutions to assist individuals and businesses in achieving their complete performance, free from the constraints imposed by inadequate lighting. 

    It is not necessary for you to already have a lighting installation, so don’t worry if you don’t! There are services that we provide to assist you with the lighting; some of the followings are:

    Lighting Plan

    Lighting should be the primary concern when launching a new establishment or for renovation. Any company or location with enough lighting will have an advantage over its competitors. Therefore, you are obligated to have a suitable lighting plan for your area, which considers both architectural structure and the location of the space. Our professionals will guide you through the planning process and assist you in selecting the goods that will benefit you the most.

    Smart Lighting

    The world is getting broader as technology advances, and the fact that you do not yet have a highly developed centralized lighting control system is a significant drawback. Moreover, you’ll be able to take advantage of a customized lighting design packed with technology thanks to our specialists’ cutting-edge smart led lighting solutions. We will configure your lighting system by your preferences. One of the most significant advantages of using smart lighting is the availability of a feature that enables you to manage the lights remotely.

    Lighting Solutions

    We survey your existing installation and calculate your current energy consumption. If required, we then work on a lighting layout. Finally, we present a detailed retrofit solution. Showing how much energy you will be reducing, your payback period, what subsidy you may expect, and the total cost of your project, including an installation approximation. 

    Best Lighting Solution

    Achieving your desired illumination level requires evaluating the current lighting configuration and then upgrading the lamps, bulbs, and fixtures to ones that are more updated and consume fewer resources. 

    However, most of the time, individuals aren’t aware of their alternatives, and as a result, they miss out on the advantage of the best options. The following are some of the most effective choices for LED lighting that can enhance your place:

    • Outdoor and Exterior Lights: These LED outdoor and exterior lights are ideal for residential, commercial, and even industrial settings. They are perfect for the environment and provide bright light for activities that take place outside. Several varieties of these LEDs can be used on outside pavements to brighten the exterior environment.
    • High Bay LED Lights: These LEDs are strong contenders for the illumination of extensive commercial or industrial areas. They provide LEDs with very high-power output and are both efficient and environmentally friendly. They are also suitable for gymnasiums, big halls, and event spaces. In addition, they have a very long lifespan, making them the ideal lighting solution for large areas.
    • LED Bulbs: The lighting world has evolved dramatically with the invention of LEDs. LED lighting is the most dynamic, energy-efficient, and affordable lighting available. This remarkable technology is available in various sizes and forms, the most popular of which are LED bulbs. These LEDs emit warm, cool, red, blue, and green light, making them very flexible and capable of providing a wide range of alternatives that are appropriate for almost any application.
    • Fluorescent lights: These lights, often known as neon lights (in Quebec), are incredibly affordable and deliver a lot of power for the price. They employ an inbuilt ballast to generate the electricity to operate the fluorescent bulb. These lights have a lifespan of about 13 times that of incandescent lighting. Despite their unpopularity, they are primarily employed in the commercial and industrial sectors.
    • HID Lamps: HID lights are well-known for their high-powered illumination. So even though they may not be the most effective option, they certainly provide great value in greenhouses. They generate the appropriate spectrum for the development of plants. For these bulbs to function appropriately, a high-intensity discharge ballast is required. They are also commonly used in theaters, warehouses, indoor football stadiums, and many other locations.
    • Incandescent light bulb and lights: This product is most likely the oldest of the group. The history of incandescent bulbs has come a long way. They are used to provide a warm and pleasant experience. Furthermore, they exist in every form and size, making them very versatile. However, unlike other lights and bulbs, this one does not last very long, but it compensates for this by being relatively cheap.
    • Halogen Lamps: These lamps are similar to incandescent light bulbs; the only difference between them is that halogen lamps utilize hydrogen gas encased in quartz glass. If you are looking for something small, lightweight, and quick, halogen lamps are for you. They are versatile and can also be used in commercial and residential areas. 
    • Emergency Lightings: Emergency lights are a crucial component for ensuring the safety of evacuations, and they are required in many commercial and public buildings. These lighting options are your most outstanding choice during a crisis for illuminating certain areas. In addition, emergency ballasts enable existing light fixtures to continue functioning in emergency battery mode if the power goes out.


    Ready to switch to an eco-friendly and high-performing solution?

    Contact our team for more information on our lighting retrofit service! We will be happy to assist you with your projects, or provide you with sound advice about lighting renovations.


    Sustainable and cost-effective lighting solutions

    In contrast to lighting plans, our retrofit service keeps your setup intact and improves your lighting by replacing your bulbs and lights with LED or fluorescent lights. Before we proceed with a retrofit, we first offer a complete audit of the renovation project.

    The audit conducted by our expert will provide you with all the information on the outcomes of the new lighting solution, including:


    B-Lite Solutions: A team of passionate and engaged experts at your service

    We believe that lighting retrofits are more than just a sustainable solution – it’s a new way to showcase your building and operations. We also want to do our part to preserve the environment. That is why we have sustainable products with high energy efficiency at your disposal. We also run a recycling program to give used bulbs a second life.

    Looking to get financial aid for your lighting renovation? We can also help you with the administrative work! We are up to date with energy efficiency standards and can help you obtain different types of government funding.

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