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Check out our selection of Outdoor and Exterior lights and Indoor LED lights designed for a variety of spaces and needs!

Sustainable, eco-friendly, and efficient, LED technology offers many advantages to users.

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As an LED light distributor, BL Solutions has a comprehensive selection of residential, commercial and industrial lighting products at your disposal.

Find our Exterior and outdoor lights.

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We offer sustainable and eco-friendly products to allow you to reduce your energy costs and consume energy more responsibly.

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A guarantee of the highest quality for the best price

BL Solutions has been an LED light distributor in Quebec for over 30 years. Thanks to our veteran experience in the field, we guarantee competitively priced lighting suitable to all of our clients’ needs. Regardless of the kind of lights you’re looking for, we have the best products on the market!

Plus, our team offers brilliant services and advice to help you find the products that best suit your needs. Need a personalized lighting plan? Or do you just need help choosing LED light panels? Either way, our lighting experts are at your service!


A variety of choices

We want to offer you variety above all. Each space has its own lighting needs, which is why BL Solutions has a wide range of products.


Eco-friendly products

We’re sensitive to environmental issues and to the need to reduce our energy consumption. That’s why we prioritize eco-friendly lighting!

Did you know that modern LED bulbs use about 70% to 90% less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs? This technology allows you to enjoy products that are more eco-friendly and sustainable, and that drastically reduce your energy costs.

The light source in our LED lights is emitted by diodes and comes from the lights directly. They’re more efficient, and they last longer! Our light panels last five years on average, or even longer for commercial products. Plus, most of them include an integrated driver that receives the current from the building’s electrical circuit.

Our selection of lights is intended for residential, commercial or industrial use, and both indoor and

exterior lights

formats are available. Depending on your preferences, you could choose:

Dimmable LED lights
A wide variety of LED panels with different lampshades
Different colour temperatures for your lights: From a warm white (daylight) to colder tones

Purchased items are delivered to the shipping address entered in the order. Please note that shipping fees will be added to your order. Products in their original packaging can be returned up to 15 days after purchase. Feel free to contact our customer service if needed.

As an LED light distributor in Quebec, we are committed to complying with the manufacturer’s warranty. If you’ve purchased a lighting product on our website, we will assist you if you need to claim a reimbursement from the manufacturer!

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