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Working on a new building or doing renovations? Take advantage of our lighting plan service for the design of a lighting layout optimized for each room as well as the outside of your building!

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    What is a lighting plan?

    Renovations and new constructions require an indoor and outdoor lighting plan design. Based on the space’s architecture, the designers will configure the lights for the building and determine where the wiring should go. They will also have the opportunity to set the layout for the sockets and switches, as well as the number of lamps and light sources for each area.

    Good home lighting design as well as commercial and industrial lighting design is essential for the visual comfort of a space and to ensure energy efficiency. As they design the lighting plan, our experts will tell you about the most beneficial products. You will also receive detailed information on indoor and outdoor LED bulbs and their various levels of intensity.

    Ready to create high-performing lighting?

    Our experts are at your service! Tell us about your projects, and a member of our team will be happy to advise you.


    Customized services that put the spotlight on comfort and finesse

    A general lighting plan for your building, home, business or industry must serve your needs and operations. That is why B-Lite has a team of specialists with over 15 years of experience in the field, ready to design a lighting solution that is right for you.

    With this service, we guarantee lighting that’s balanced, efficient and eco-friendly. Plus, you’ll benefit from the following:


    B-Lite Solutions: Your lighting expert in Quebec

    B-Lite offers much more than just lighting – we want to optimize and showcase your spaces with cost-effective and high-performing setups and products. When they design a lighting plan, our specialists carefully study the location to determine the bulbs, lamps and lights that best suit your operations and the building’s infrastructure.

    Whether you need a commercial, industrial or home lighting plan, we have a wealth of experience that allows us to customize your lighting to your needs and desires. Trust our expertise so that together, we can develop a unique, high-performing and sustainable lighting plan!

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