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Suitable for a wide variety of lighting products, our ballasts, and Electric transformers are selected for their efficiency and because they’re cost-effective. Check out our variety of electric ballasts and drivers to convert the power from your light sources.

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As a lighting distributor, we provide a comprehensive line of products, from HID or LED bulbs and lamps to electric ballasts!

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Since its inception, BL Solutions has set itself apart in the lighting industry by offering first-rate equipment while guaranteeing great prices. Above all, we want to offer reliable, sustainable and eco-friendly equipment that suits your needs! Take advantage of our services to create a custom lighting solution.

Our team of lighting specialists has over 30 years of experience in the field, and we offer more than just bulbs, lamps and electric ballasts. We can also provide you with the opportunity to look at your lighting with fresh eyes in order to enhance the ambience or efficiency of the lighting so you can enjoy better energy efficiency!


A variety of products

From electric ballasts to fluorescent bulbs and LED and HID lamps for larger spaces, we offer a comprehensive line of products to create the lighting solution that’s best for you.


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BL Solutions is proud to offer products that are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly – plus, they have an optimal lifespan!

Electric ballasts and Electric transformers

allow you to convert a current to power a light source that requires a higher or lower voltage. More specifically, ballasts are tension regulators that allow you to restrict the current in an electrical circuit.

LED drivers take the building’s alternating current and convert it to a low-voltage direct current, usually between 6 V and 48 V.

There are ballasts for:

Electric ballasts are also useful for HID lamps. They will increase the current to 600 V to create an electric arc between the cathodes and the anodes in an HID bulb.

Depending on the availability, all our electric ballasts and drivers can be shipped anywhere in Canada. Shipping fees will be added to your order. Please note that returns are accepted within 15 days after delivery of the product. It must be in its original packaging.

All our products come with the warranty provided by the manufacturer. If your electric ballast or driver is defective, please contact our customer service and let them know about the issue. They will help you make a compensation claim in accordance with the existing warranty.

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