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Commercial, residential and industrial lighting equipment.

For over 25 years, B-Lite has stood out for its unique lighting equipment and its solutions tailored to all needs. Enjoy personalized advice from our experts to establish a custom plan and benefit from a wide selection of lighting solutions and lamps designed for performance, comfort and energy efficiency.

A wide range of lights at your disposal

Looking for lighting equipment for a commercial, industrial or residential space? We offer bulbs, lamps and lighting solutions tailored to needs of all kinds. Discover our products and services.

Get a quote for your lighting project

Looking for personalized advice and a custom solution? Create an account and send us your question! A member of our team will put you in contact with one of our experts.

Lighting plan

Building a new property? Discover how our lighting plans can offer you an eco-friendly, cost-effective and high-performance solution for long-term needs!

Lighting retrofit

Looking to modernize your lighting setup while maintaining your current system? We offer free audits to help you determine the best plan.

Advanced solutions

Modern lighting means new technology! Discover our selection of smart solutions, developed for a variety of spaces, and choose smart lighting.

Our best lighting equipment

From simple bulbs to sophisticated light fixtures, we offer a wide variety of products to fulfill every need. We are also committed to offering the most eco-friendly products on the market! That’s why we mainly offer LED lights, and fixtures that are certified DLC and DLC Premium.

We also offer equipment with superior energy efficiency.

Our commitment

Lighting equipment tailored to your needs to ensure comfort and sustainability

Thanks to our team of seasoned advisors, our high-quality products, and our competitive prices, B-Lite Solutions guarantees reliable and personalized results for the best value on the market!


We believe that the options are endless when it comes to lighting. B-Lite provides much more than lighting solutions – we offer a new way for you to enjoy your environment!

Enjoy long-lasting lighting equipment that meets your specific needs, thanks to expert advice from our specialists!


Say goodbye to bulbs that need to be changed frequently! We are conscious of the planet’s well-being and only want to offer eco-friendly solutions. You can count on the longevity and reliability of your lighting equipment, as well as its low environmental impact.

A vast selection of brands at your disposal

Looking for first-rate lighting products in Montreal, Saskatoon, and all across Canada?

We believe that there are many different ways to light and showcase your home, building, or commercial or industrial property. That’s why we have a wide range of brands and models from the best suppliers in the field at your disposal!

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