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Lighting Control System

When we talk about lighting control systems, many will think of it as some luxury asset that looks more impressive than helpful; however, the reality is much different. 

Lighting control systems offer considerably more in terms of Security, Energy savings, and efficiency. It’s an essential piece of technology that is more and more needed nowadays to use in our buildings, offices, and stores. 

So how can lighting control systems be practical? Why install Lighting Control Systems? And why do we need to install them in our facilities?

What is a lighting control system?

A lighting control system is an automated system that controls the light fixtures in a building. The control system typically uses some form of input to determine the desired lighting level and then adjusts the output accordingly. This means it can turn on/off the light, dim it, increase its intensity, etc. 

The types of inputs can be time-based, occupancy-based, or manual. 

Time-based allows a light adjustment based on an Astronomical or chronological time; it relies on the time of the day, the season, the weather…etc. Occupancy-based sensors use ultrasonic or infrared technology to detect whether an area is occupied and adjust the light accordingly.

While manual input uses a combination of all or some of these inputs to adjust and control the lights. It uses wireless devices, programmable schedules, voice control, etc.

What are the benefits of a lighting control system?

So why install Lighting Control Systems important and what are the benefits it can offer?

  • Total Control: A lighting control system gives complete control over your lighting usage and the ability to adjust your lighting based on different factors such as time, weather, presence, absence …etc. Turn off the lights across your building with a simple button push or automatically set up the dimming level to suit your eyes or mood. The options are many, and the control is complete. You can even check your light consumption in real-time, to have a better insight into how your building is consuming energy. 
  • Increased energy efficiency: with a lighting control system, you no longer worry about wasting energy; sensors, timers, and programs all work together to turn on and off the lights when it’s needed and where it’s needed and with just the right amount, guaranteeing more efficiency for your lighting usage. This is why lighting control systems, despite it’s futuristic and luxurious look, are often touted by ecologists for what they can offer in terms of efficient energy consumption, increased bulb life-span, and reduction of carbon emissions. 
  • Improved Safety: Lighting in houses or buildings is always a dissuasive factor against crimes. A light control system will mimic your light usage when you are not home or on holiday, reducing the risks of burglary. Motion detectors controlling lights used outdoors can also deter burglars and thieves. The different sensors can send silent signals to authorities in case of housebreaking or burglary attempts in offices and stores. 
  • Low Maintenance: Even with the groundbreaking technologies used in Lighting control systems, the maintenance costs will surprise you. These systems rely on wireless technologies and signal-based devices such as Tablets, smartphones, and wireless switches, making them convenient to use and maintain, with no need for complex wiring or disruptive installation. 
  • Incentive programs: As an energy-saving and ecological solution, incentives and financial aid from entities like Hydro-Québec will definitely help more businesses begin transitioning to a lighting control system. These governmental programs translate the importance of adopting such a solution. Check Hydro-Quebec solutions and incentives here


Lighting control systems are an all-in-one system that will positively impact your lighting usage; it’s an ecological solution for its controlled energy consumption and proves to be low maintenance (less wiring) and even affordable in the long run. It’s a technology that combines high performance with ease of use, making it an important transition for both businesses and households. Please reach out to us, so we can answer all your questions about how to install this system. 

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