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Every year plenty of people get injured due to insufficient lighting. It might be that the lights in your workplace are too dim, too bright, or just plain impractical. Having sufficient workplace illumination in your industrial lighting solution will ensure that you have minimized the possibility of accidents – it could be the difference between light and death! 

Industrial LED lighting could be your best friend if you want to decrease workplace accidents due to insufficient lights. LED lights are known to provide excellent illumination for workplaces in various industries and are becoming a much more popular way for people to light their workplaces. 

Here are some ways that LED lighting reduces workplace accidents: 

LED Lights Improve Color Rendering: 

Color rendering refers to how accurate the representation of color is when illuminated by a given light source – it is measured on a color rendering index (CRI) on a scale of 0 to 100. Different lights are calculated on a scale compared to natural light sources like the sun. 

One of the most wanted types of industrial lighting is a regular HPS bulb – this bulb has a low score of 30 or less on the coloring rendering index. In comparison, LEDs score a whopping 70 or above, which means they are comparable to the light source provided by the daylight sun. This will allow for a natural hue in the workplace that resembles daylight, allowing workers’ color perception to be significantly improved. While the large majority of LED being above 80. 

Color rendering affects the productivity of workers as well as the perception of their environment. Colors are most useful to us when looking for items. They also allow our eyes to see contrasts better and see obstacles more easily. Thus the expression “All cats are grey at night”. That’s because night light has a very low CRI.

LED Lights are Low Maintenance:

Poor lighting quality isn’t the only way lights can cause workplace accidents. Many workplace accidents occur from light maintenance, such as falling off of ladders while cleaning your lighting fixtures or changing the light bulbs or tubes..

With LED lighting, you can practically eliminate this worry; LED lighting provides a long-lasting and almost maintenance-free lighting solution for industrial spaces. This will allow you to reduce the risk of falls and shocks from light upkeep and assure that no one needs to take the treacherous journey to maintain your lights regularly. 

LED Lights have Power Cut Resistance: 

Through using High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting, such as HPS or Metal Halides (MH), you may have noticed that if a power outage occurs, it can take ages for them to come back to their full light quality! It can take HID fixtures up to 20 minutes to restore a total output after a power cut, which is a ripe time for accidents to occur in the inevitably reduced visibility. 

On the other hand, LED fixtures will turn back on in full power almost instantly after an interruption or power cut – it only takes a split second for LEDs to provide complete visibility to your entire workplace. This will significantly reduce accidents that could occur as a result of a power cut. It is also important to add that quality industrial LED fixtures offer power surge protection so they don’t fail once power is restored. 

LED Lights Have No Risk of Mercury Exposure 

One thing that’s not mentioned often about HID bulbs is how they use mercury to function. A broken HID bulb could lead to a mercury outbreak, potentially causing irreversible damage to your employees and the environment. HID and Fluorescent lamps must be recycled responsibly. In many cases, 

When it comes to LED lights, you don’t have to worry about this. They contain no mercury to produce light and don’t contain any hazardous substances, for that matter! This means that LED lights are essential for the long-term health of you and your employees should a light accidentally break. 

LED Lights Increase Awareness 

HPS lights have been known to reduce a worker’s mood and productivity due to their dim yellow aura. This isn’t only bad for employee productivity – it also means that employees are more prone to accidents and injuries due to a reduced sense of awareness! 

In contrast, LED lights are known to reduce weariness, making workers up to five times alert on the job. This means that any potential hazard is much more likely to be spotted under an LED light, and CDC have evidence to back it up: They found that LED lights assisted people in recognizing the dangers of falling up to 94 percent faster than traditional light solutions. In addition, the installation of LED lights is sure to reduce accidents due to the increased awareness and visibility that workers can get from them. 


With all the benefits of LED lights in the workplace, there’s no wonder more companies haven’t adopted the practice much quicker! With low maintenance, increased color rendering, and greater visibility, LED lights are an essential factor in reducing accidents within the workplace. 

The right industrial LED lighting will be miles better than the standard HPS bulb, which is known to decrease workers’ moods and make them more prone to injury due to reduced color indexing. So if you’re looking to improve the working conditions for you and your employees, you should strongly consider installing industrial LED lights in your workplace as soon as possible.

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