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Introduction: What are the Benefits of LED Lighting in Commercial and Industrial Spaces?

LEDs are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional lighting – they produce a higher quality light, last longer, and save on the cost of electricity.

When you have large indoor and outdoor spaces, ensuring that the lighting is in line with your needs is essential for safety, productivity, and aesthetics.

How to Select the Best Lighting for Commercial and Industrial Spaces?

When selecting the best-LED lights for your commercial or industrial space, one of the most important factors to consider is the type of lighting you will need based on what kind of commercial or industrial space you have. There are a few different kinds of commercial or industrial spaces that need different types of lighting:

  • For warehouses and manufacturing facilities, you will want to use high-bay lighting for a fixture up to 25 feet. These lights are typically more powerful and brighter than other types and provide uniform illumination to large areas.
  • For offices, retail stores, and showrooms, you will want to use general-purpose lighting with a fixture of up to 8 feet. Perfect for highlighting products, merchandise, etc.

What types of LED Lights should you choose?

Choosing the correct type of LED light for your business can be difficult. It is essential to know the difference to make an informed decision.  Three main types of LED should be considered: flat panels, strip lighting, and high bay fixtures.

LED Flat Panels

Industrial lighting is a vital part of any company’s infrastructure. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about productivity. The proper lighting can help employees see better and feel more comfortable at work. With that in mind, many companies have turned to LED flat panels for their industrial lighting needs. These panels provide a high-quality light that is both affordable and easy to install.

You can mount a flat panel in 3 ways: surface mounting, pendant mounting, and recessed. Surface mounting sits flush against the T-bar (these are used in dropped ceilings), which is quick and easy to do. Pendant mounting positions the panel to hang – this needs a two-sided T-bar system and may take more time to complete. Recessed mounting is for when there are no drop ceilings below the area you need to mount.

LED Strip lighting

If you’re looking for a powerful, versatile light solution, it’s hard to beat an industrial LED strip lighting fixture. These LED strips come in various shapes and lengths and can suit any space and application, such as walkways, hallways, aisles, bathrooms, etc.

Unlike a typical light fixture, an industrial LED light strip fixture usually comes in various size options. A standard four-footer will suffice for smaller spaces, but if you need more lumen output in a larger workspace, an 8-foot fixture may be necessary.

LED high bay fixtures

High bay lighting has been a popular choice for commercial and industrial users worldwide for decades because of its smaller size, lower power requirements, and high brightness. High Bay Lights have many applications in commercial and industrial settings, like workshops, automotive repair facilities, warehouses, manufacturing plants, etc.

We can install High bay lights by suspending the fixtures from the ceiling with cables or chains. We can also mount them using a surface or yoke mount.


Choosing the proper lighting for your commercial or industrial facility can positively affect productivity and morale. It could be the reason behind increased employee satisfaction or creativity. A wise choice of lighting will be helpful in the future and reduce your energy costs.  Don’t hesitate to contact us to choose from the most efficient LED light options we offer for your commercial and industrial needs. 

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